20 feet (6-metre) long exhibition container

Reconstruction of a 20 feet (6-metre) long shipping container into an exhibition stand.

We reconstructed a 6-metre long shipping container into an exhibition stand in which exhibitions, marketing events and other events can take place. It is up to you.

The big advantage of this stand is a fast putting into operation, approx. in one minute. In a while you are open and ready for the event. Opening and closing of the side door is performed via a hydraulic system that is hidden in the control cabinet where there is also space for storage purposes. The front door opens with gas struts. An integral part of the stand is the possibility of use of a garden on the roof of the exhibition container which offers the perfect view.

The exhibition container is equipped with a large LED TV, lighting and electrically fed awnings that provide the exhibition container with compactness and a pleasant environment. Floors are provided with design non-slip aluminium sheets. Everything is produced with great precision and with regard to quality processing.

Just one minute and we are ready for the exhibition.

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